The Halas Business Valuation System (HBVS)

To learn the market value of any present or planned business ....


HBVS Benefits:

  • Affordable For Any Business
  • Completion In Days - Not Weeks
  • Easy To Implement System
  • Proven Market Driven Formulas,
    Produce Real World Value
  • For ASAP Response
    Call 704-364-4440

Our business valuation and business appraisal process begins when we forward our package of background and historical information on the Halas Business Valuation System (HBVS), which has been determining business valuations since 1985. After the need, objective and timing of the business valuation is established, the client's most recent financial records are requested for initial valuation analysis. There is no charge for this preliminary analysis and all submitted information is kept 100% confidential. Once the data is received and assessed, the client is then advised if a business appraisal is viable, the process steps involved, the total cost, the time needed for completion, then confirmed with a firm price proposal in writing.

A few words from recent HBVS clients . . . . . .

  • A CPA firm in California:
    "I would very much like to thank you for your prompt and professional service. Your valuation result and final report was impressive and by all standards comprehensive and complete."

  • A large metal fabrication company in North Dakota:
    "Being an oilfield manufacturing company that has grown over the years, we had no idea of the "real world" value for our business. HBVS has given us the information we were looking for. I would strongly recommend your valuation service to any company."

  • A rock drilling and blasting firm in New Hampshire:
    "Since we are unique in that with drilling and blasting we convert rock and stone to aggregate, I thought placing a value on what we do would be a very complicated project. To my surprise your HBVS system was thorough and easy to deal with."

  • An air conditioning service company in Oregon:
    "Your prompt response and willingness to answer questions was appreciated. I feel your comprehensive report of the value of our business will be invaluable in our negotiations with prospective buyers."

  • A custom machining company in Western North Carolina:
    "Your expertise and vast experience was unsurpassed in achieving our goal of placing a price on our company in this day of uncertainty. We would highly recommend your firm as a good indicator of fair market value."

(Original letters available upon request)